This site contains articles on various diverse subjects that I am interested in. They include:

  • growing crops on allotments
  • histories of allotments and of cultivation
  • the summer festivals in Edinburgh (which I typically call the August Feast)
  • a potted history of Liverpool (where I was born) and Sunninghill & Ascot (where I now live)
  • potted histories of several sports in England, most notably football (signs of a misspent youth!)
  • and computer performance (which used to be part of my day job).

There is also an offer to help local worthy causes that want their own website.

In general, my objective is to pitch the pieces somewhere between the short, sharp articles that can often be found on the web and full-blown books. “Long reads” seems to be a popular term that is currently used in various places across the web. Perhaps it could apply to my pieces. Personally, I prefer to call them tasters.

I tend to include lots of book references and links to other material on the web so that you can delve deeper if you are interested in a particular topic. On the subject of links, you will invariably find many of them scattered across the site, as I am a firm believer in the original ethos of the Internet, which is to share information. If you find any broken links I would be grateful if you can let me know. Similarly, I would be pleased to receive information on any problems which you may experience on the site. And, of course, any comments or feedback would be welcome.

Having arrived here, possibly by serendipity, I hope that you will find something of interest.