ThisIngenious covering of the pillars of the National Gallery of Scotland for its Andy Warhol exhibition site contains articles on various diverse subjects that I am interested in. They include: growing crops on allotments; the histories of allotments and of cultivation; the summer festivals in Edinburgh (which I typically call the August Feast); and computer performance (which used to be part of my day job).

In general, my objective is to pitch the pieces somewhere between the short, sharp articles that can often be found on the web and full-blown books. They are tasters if you like. I tend to include lots of book references and links to other material on the web so that you can delve deeper if you are interested in a particular topic. On the subject of links … you will invariably find many of them scattered across the site, as I am a firm believer in the original ethos of the Internet, which is to share information.

Selected pages, including this one, display a twitter feed. To use the Twitter terminology, the contents have been “liked” by me. They are items which I consider to contain useful information. They are mostly written by other people. The majority concern the Edinburgh Festival; there are someĀ arts-related items; plusĀ the occasional non-arts tweet.

Having arrived here, possibly by serendipity, I hope that you find something of interest.

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