Edinburgh Festival

I have been going to the Edinburgh Festival since 1991. Here is some of the material that I have produced over time.

On the Royal Mile at festival time

A History of the Edinburgh Festivals is a popular item on this site. It covers the main summer festivals in Scotland’s capital city, which I tend to call the August Feast. The first festival (which is now known as the Edinburgh International Festival) was held in 1947.

My favourite shows from 1991 through to 2019.


I ran a fairly detailed festival website from 2006 through to 2016. This archive provides access to some of the material from each year.

Edinburgh Memories. Here are a couple of pieces that I penned somewhere around 2005. Breakfast at Sibbet House is in fond memory of the years that we stayed at Aurora and Jim Sibbet’s B&B during the festival. While, Martin’s was a wonderful restaurant that we stumbled upon. Unfortunately, it no longer exists, However, Martin’s Cheese Show lives long in the memory.