Edinburgh Festival

I have been going to the Edinburgh Festival since 1991. Here is some of the material that I have produced over time.

On the Royal Mile at festival timeA History of the Edinburgh Festivals is the most popular item on this site. It covers the main summer festivals in Scotland’s capital city. The first festival (which is now known as the Edinburgh International Festival) was held in 1947.

Edinburgh1450A Potted History of Auld Reekie, as Edinburgh is affectionately known. It covers the beginnings of the town through to the early twentieth century. It may be of more interest to tourists than festival-goers, as the latter are probably too busy rushing from venue to venue to wonder about the city’s past.

MoscowStationsCoverHere are my Favourite Shows covering the period from 1991 to 2016. The image on the left is from the cover of Moscow Stations by Venedikt Yerofeev (the Faber Modern Classics version). It was performed at the Traverse in 1994.

archiveiconI ran a fairly detailed festival website from 2006 through to 2016. This archive provides access to some of the material from each year.