Other Allotment Material


A reasonable amount of interest has been generated by this scanned copy of an advisory handbook for running allotments  which was produced by the National Association of Parish Councils in 1951 to help councils manage allotment sites. It was one of a range of publications that were produced for parish councils around that time.

FAQs from plot holders. Various questions come up from time to time on growing individual crops or coping with specific pests / diseases. They are mostly asked by new(ish) plot holders. Additional items are therefore periodically added to this topic.


Blog from the 2010 growing season. Probably against my better judgement, I produced this blog. It covers the twelve month period from December 2009 through to November 2010 on a month by month basis, detailing warts and all.


Miscellaneous Items. Garden Recipes primarily covers homemade sprays et cetera for those who do not wish to use chemicals when tackling pests and diseases.  Harriet Roach, a former plot holder, wrote up her first year experiences on her plot some years ago. Finally, here is a list of hopefully useful links.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the World of Allotments. I originally penned my views on allotments in 2011. A slightly revised version was produced in 2018.


Allotments: Their History and Cultivation. These are slides (22MB pdf file) from a presentation that I gave to the Sunningdale and District Gardening Association in February 2016. It includes several drawings that were taken from The Allotment Chronicles, written by Steve Poole and published by Silver Link Publishing in 2006.