2016 Edinburgh Festival picks

Our visit to the 2016 festival has ended. We managed 29 shows and 3 art exhibitions. My favourite shows were:

  • Us / Them .. beautifully crafted piece on the Beslan siege from Belgian company BRONKS
  • Once .. zany, off the wall physical theatre from Derevo
  • Teatro Delusio .. funny mime with masks set backstage at a theatre
  • My Eyes Went Dark .. well-written and well-acted drama
  • Ada / Ava .. shadow puppetry from Manual Cinema
  • Tank .. NASA project in the 1960s, trying to get dolphins to speak English.
  • Erik Satie’s Faction .. one man show on the composer by Alistair McGowan.

Re the art exhibitions, I enjoyed Facing the World – Self Portraits, Rembrandt to Ai Weiwei at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Inspiring Impressionism at the Scottish National Gallery.