Additional Information re Sunninghill & Ascot

If you wish to share any additional information on the history of Sunninghill & Ascot, there are several ways that you can do it:

  • join the Historical Sunninghill, Ascot, Sunningdale and Surrounding Areas Facebook group and share it with the other members
  • contact me if you have any detailed information. If I consider it useful then I can add a link to it in my potted history (this assumes that the content already resides somewhere on the Internet). Alternatively, I can offer to host it for you on this website. You will see below that I currently host content from several individuals which are also referenced in the Bibliography & Further Reading section of the Potted History of Sunninghill & Ascot.

The first property at Sunningdale Park was built circa. 1786. Graham O’Connell’s History of Sunningdale Park notes 2018 track the various properties and their owners, right up to recent times when the Civil Service College was based there. It is a very interesting read.

Ray Whiting wrote a detailed series of notes about growing up in Sunninghill in the 1920s. Carol Daw, his daughter, got her husband to type them up. A Village Boyhood in Sunninghill (1920s) is a fascinating read.