Allotment Association (up to 1997)

Sunningdale Allotment Holders Association

Name The name of the Association shall be Sunningdale Allotment Holders Association.

Objects The objects of the Association shall be:-

(i) To promote the interests of all members in their gardening activities and to take joint action for the benefits of members.

(ii) To conduct negotiations with the local authority and private landlords for the use of gardening land.

(iii) To take action to protect members against damage, trespass and theft.

(iv) To obtain, if required, a supply of seeds, fertilisers, tools and other horticultural equipment on behalf of members.

(v) Co-operating with other gardening associations in matters of mutual interest.


  1. Membership The Association shall consist of such persons whose applications for membership are approved by the Committee.


  1. Subscriptions Every member shall pay on entry into the Association an annual subscription of œl (50p OAPS) renewable on March 1 in each year.


  1. Arrears Any member who is one month in arrears with his subscription shall be held to have ceased to be a member unless explanation in writing is given to the Committee of extenuating circumstances.


  1. Officers The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. They shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting. Retiring Officers shall be eligible for re-election. They shall be ex-officio members of the Committee.


  1. Committee The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Committee of Management of not less than 7 members. The Committee shall retire at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election. Casual vacancies shall be filled by the Committee and the members so appointed shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting. A quorum shall be 4 members. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt extra members.


  1. General Meetings The Annual General Meeting shall be held at such time as the Committee or a General Meeting shall decide. Ten members shall form a quorum. At the meeting the audited accounts and Secretary’s Report shall be submitted and the Officers and Committee for the ensuing year elected. Special General Meetings shall be called upon the requisition in writing to the Secretary of at least ten members. No party-political or sectarian discussions shall be raised or resolutions proposed at either Committee or General Meetings.


  1. Bank Account The Committee shall open a banking account in the name of the Association and all monies received from any source on behalf of the Association shall be paid into such account. Cheques shall be signed by two out of three signatories.


  1. Auditors Two auditors shall be appointed who are not members of the Committee to audit the accounts and report thereon to the Annual General Meeting.


  1. Membership of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd shall be applied for and it shall be a condition of membership to agree to pay such annual affiliation contributions as may from time to time be prescribed.