Allotment Site Maintenance over Autumn and Winter (2021-2022)

Please consider volunteering for one of the tasks which are itemised below.  The majority can be carried out by individuals during the off-season period at times of their choosing, or as members of working parties if that is the preferred method. Contact us with details of the task(s) that you are prepared to carry out. This page will be updated when any changes occur.


  • items in red indicate those tasks that require volunteer(s);
  • items in black have volunteer(s) but the work has yet to be done;
  • while items in green have been completed.

Page last updated on September 27th, 2021.

Car Park and Outside Gates

Cut back the ivy that is straying off the bed outside the gates.

Prune the beech hedge in the car park.

Gulley adjacent to the seat – take the grille off and remove any stones which are embedded in it, plus remove soil / leaves in the gulley and in the chamber next to the gulley where the pipe which takes rainwater from the car parks down to the ditch starts.  This work is best done after the fallen leaves have been removed.

Spot-spraying with weedkiller in September

Prune shrubs in the bed outside the gates, mainly on the Village Hall side

Other minor pruning in the car park .. elaeagnus, brambles etc



Prune yew hedge and laurel adjacent to plots 34 and 35.

Cut back branches of trees overhanging plot 29 and shrubs overhanging plot 10.

Light pruning around the seat, viz. overhanging shrubs and adjacent bamboo shoots.

Light pruning of the copse area.

Deer fence line – spray with weedkiller in September.

Ditch / Deer Fence

Ditch – cut down weeds and brambles.

Replace any rotten or broken deer fence posts.

Wood chip along the central section of the deer fence line topped up.

Leaves and Oak Seedlings

Cut down or remove oak seedlings in the SE area

Remove fallen leaves, mainly in the SE area and in the car park. Ideally, lay them out in the copse area where they can rot down..

Cut down or remove oak seedlings in the SW area

Other Items

Water tank on the corner of plots 7/7a to be emptied and cleaned.

The other water tanks (which were all emptied and cleaned last winter) just need dredging to remove any soil – tanks near plots 29, 24 and 22 have volunteers; volunteer required for the tank on the corner of plot 15.

Maintain SW car parking area on an ongoing basis – one plot holder has volunteered; ideally needs at least one other.