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Thanks are expressed to:

  • The allotments holders at Sunningdale allotments who agreed to discuss their approaches and experiences: Mary Alexander, Joseph Arioli, Pat Bond, Joan Brightwell, Janet King, Helen Knight, Linda Mayne, Fran Moore, Lisa Offord, Peter O’Kill, Fred Parfitt and Eileen Ufton. Thanks also to Chris Parnell for reviewing and commenting on the material
  • Peter O’Kill for his general knowledge of local history, his liaison with St. John’s College on allotment-related topics, and for the use of his pictures on the History of Sunningdale Allotments page
  • The staff of Berkshire Record Office in Reading for their excellent, proficient, courteous and helpful service while the history of the allotment site was being traced from the role of the vicar at Holy Trinity Church in the 1870s and 1880s through to the involvement of the Parish Council (1894-1983)
  • Sunningdale Parish Council for access to the minutes of Parish Council Meetings (1984–2006), and particularly to Lorraine McNeill for her ready assistance
  • St. John’s College, Cambridge for access to documents and correspondence relating to Sunningdale in the late 19th and early 20thcenturies and for permission to reproduce the map of the proposed allotment area from the 1896 lease by the College to Sunningdale Parish Council
  • Acknowledgements relating to the Potted History of Sunninghill & Ascot can be found in that document
  • Acknowledgements relating to the Potted History of Association Football in England can be found in that document.