Second December 2018 Update

Sorry to write another newsletter so soon but there is a lot going on. Version 5 has been available for users for two weeks, and there have been two bug-fix releases so far. users appear to be just catching sight of it now. users

There have been two bug-fix releases of WordPress V5 so far:

  • 5.0.1 (released on 13 December, 2018) focused on security fixes. They have also been applied to previous versions of WordPress, back as far as 3.7
  • 5.0.2 (released on 19 December 2018) focused on performance improvements. There were 73 bug fixes.

5.0.3 has a target date of 9 January, 2019. Note that if you have installed V5 and have the auto update facility enabled then these bug fix releases will be installed automatically.

The plugin directory now contains a section at the beginning for block-enabled plugins. There is talk of putting them in a totally separate directory. users

It looks as if WordPress V5 has just started to reach If I sound not altogether confident, that is because Automattic never mentions versions of WordPress, nor do they mention Gutenberg (it is simply called the new block editor). The reasons for my claim are:

  • The appearance of new invitations to switch to the new block editor. The old invitation to try out Gutenberg which appeared on the main dashboard has now disappeared. If you use the dashboard to invoke the editor then this new invitation appears across the top of the screen when you go into edit post or page. If you use Calypso it appears in the right-hand sidebar within the editor. Beware that if you do make the new block editor your default editor there is no way to switch back at this moment
  • Twenty Nineteen, the new default theme which uses Gutenberg, has now been made available to all users.

I said in the last newsletter that there appeared to be no way in Calypso to invoke the classic editor for a specific post / page if you had set Gutenberg to be your default editor. I now see that the more settings button within the Gutenberg editor (3 dots icon top right) has a feature which allows you to switch to the classic editor for the currently opened post / page.

The bottom line for users is .. if you want to continue with the classic editor, as least for the moment, do not accept any invitation to try or switch to the new block editor.

What Next

There is talk of version 5.1 in late February although it is not clear to me precisely what the scope of this release will be, other than more bug fixes and a PHP upgrade notice for users.

Gutenberg V2. General design ideas are being kicked around for the implementation of widgets and menus as blocks, which will happen later in 2019. The Gutenberg plugin will remain in existence for users to test these changes.


Here are some useful links ..

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